The PROSCI Change Management Methodology

The Prosci methodology uniquely integrates individual and organizational change management to deliver business result and build organization change competency.

The 3-Phase Process for Organizational Change

The ADKAR Model for individual change

ADKAR is a research-based, individual change model that represents the five milestones an individual must achieve in order to change successfully. ADKAR creates a powerful internal language for change and gives leaders a framework for helping people embrace and adopt changes.

Today, ADKAR Model is one of the most widely used change models in the world.

It is an effective tool for managing change at an individual level and guides activities at an organizational level.

A wareness of the need for change
D esire to support the change
K nowledge of how to change
A bility to demonstrate new skills and behaviors
R einforcement to make the change sustained

The 3-Phase Process for Organizational Change

The Prosci 3-Phase Process gives you a structured, repeatable process to support the people transition required for your project. This scalable methodology enables you to sync your efforts with Project milestones and check that every impacted group is progressing as expected.

The Roadmap for Enterprise Change Management

Using Prosci’s flexible methodology to embed change management into your organization, increasing your change agility and giving you a competitive advantage.